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Marriage Preparation Ministry
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
Springfield, MA

We are happy in our marriage and love working with engaged couples. We stress the importance of communication in marriage and share how God's grace is always available to married couples.



A wedding is one day in your life together - Marriage IS your life together.

Planning your wedding can be good practice for being married but a wedding is not a marriage. When planning a wedding couples often must discuss, decide and compromise. Communication is essential to making wedding plans..

Once the wedding is over don't forget to keep on communicating. Most problems in marriage can be avoided if the lines of communication are kept open and used.

Remember that talking is only one part of communicating. Listening is the other essential part of communication. If one of you is talking but the other is not listening you are not communicating.

Talk about everything - be afraid of nothing. Love, trust and respect each other always.

Married life is wonderful - not a drudge as our society would have us think. If you are getting married - God bless you both and may He prepare your hearts to give and receive freely and at all times.

Remember - the wedding is one day in your life together - marriage IS your life together!


Have you discussed children, in-laws, religion, aging, lifestyles, arguing, fertility/infertility, money and sex?
These topics as well as others that relate directly to married life can be found in a new discussion booklet for engaged couples called "Together As One".
Give yourself and your fiancee the opportunity to talk about what really matters in your relationship.
Request your FREE copy of "Together As One"and start the discussions!
This 18 page booklet is the result of 20+ years of preparing engaged couples for marriage.           

                         Click here for your FREE copy.

If you are already married God bless you too. Be proud of the fact that you are together. Don't let society get you down with its views on love and commitment. Those who don't have love these days don't seem to want anyone else to experience love. Those who can't make a commitment themselves don't believe that anyone else can either. Pay them no mind - rejoice in the relationship you have with each other and thank God for it.



Natural Family Planning(NFP) Read how it really does take two to plan a family!  Find a class in your area.  Do things God's way - you will be glad you did.

Instruction Before Marriage Good reading for engaged couples - short and to the point.
LetterTo Families Engaged couples pay special attention to the sections "The Marital Covenant" and "The Unity of the Two".

Beginning Your MarriageVery good section on Marriage Is A Sacrament.  The rest is also excellent.

The Living Sacrament - Matrimony Beautiful, easy to read essay on marriage.

Every Engaged Couple... Excellent essay on how artificial birth control separates couples.

Smart Marriages  The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education. E-newsletter, conferences, classes, programs, articles.  Wonderful site for engaged and married couples.

Beatification of Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi and Maria Corsini, 21 October 2001  Read the Holy Fathers remarks.

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Engaged Couples Need Your Prayers!  The world is no longer friendly towards marriage.  Prayer is our hope and spiritual weapon.  Start a Prayer Ministry for Engaged Couples in your Parish.  Click for information on starting the ministry - it's easy and rewarding!    Info in Englishin Italian, in French, in Spanish, in German.

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